13 Jun 2023

Sizzle It Your Way to Happiness

Happiness is a choice and it could be as simple as having a meal at a Pepper Lunch restaurant near you. Whether you're alone, with friends and/or family, good food at affordable prices is always something you can enjoy and bond over. Since Pepper Lunch is a DIY casual dining concept wherein you are served dishes on sizzling iron plates, you're always promised food that comes in fast, hot, and fresh as much as you can look forward to a fun activity.

Your hunger for a premium steak and our signature Pepper Rice can surely be satisfied without breaking the bank. What's more, you're in control of the cooking process and flavours of your steak as you prepare it yourself and enhance it with our specially crafted in-house proprietary sauce, designed to bring out the best flavours in our sizzling dishes. And when you're in the mood for something other than steak, you can also try the teppan pasta, and cheese curry rice, along with other Japanese classics.

How Pepper Lunch Enriches and Sets Itself Apart from Singapore's Food Scene

Singapore is a melting pot of flavours born from rich cultural diversity. Pepper Lunch makes a fiery entrance with an innovative twist on traditional Japanese dishes. To ensure that food is cooked at the optimum temperature with all the flavours intact, Pepper Lunch prepares with ingredients of the finest quality on patented iron plates so that patrons can mix and finish cooking their orders themselves.

Kunio Ichinose, the trained chef behind Pepper Lunch chanced upon iron plates, or teppan as they are called in Japan, that can withstand and retain high temperatures. He discovered that heating the teppan at 260 degrees Celsius for 70 seconds allows it to stay hot at 80 degrees Celsius for at least 20 minutes, which is the perfect grilling temperature for meat to keep its tenderness and juiciness. This became the novel concept that made Pepper Lunch what it is today. Over 400 outlets spread across Asia and the world, offer customers the chance to experience their food like master chefs on their own accord.

Steak is usually associated with a hefty price tag but part of Kunio Ichinose’s vision is to make fast and tasty steaks more accessible to the general public. He makes it possible by sourcing quality beef from reputable providers all around the globe mainly the U.S.A. and Australia. Our premium steaks go through meticulous quality control, where they are portioned, inspected, and prepared to the specified size at the meat factory. To ensure the utmost safety, we conduct thorough X-ray inspections to ensure there are no foreign objects present in the meat. This process ensures that each cut of steak maintains consistent shape, tenderness, and taste.

The Pepper Lunch menu is more than just steak. make sure to cater to every appetite and craving with an assortment of teppan dishes available. Every diet is also taken into consideration with vegetarian options and halal-certified meals available in all Pepper Lunch restaurants, Pepper Lunch GO! , and Pepper Lunch Express outlets in Singapore.

With a diverse menu selection, Pepper Lunch promotions , food at affordable price points, and convenient locations all around Singapore, Pepper Lunch can be for anyone who wants to savor good food on a budget. Being able to cook your food and season them as you please is an added bonus. Those after the convenience of having food delivered wherever they are would be thankful that their Pepper Lunch orders can simply be processed through their delivery partners such as Foodpanda or GrabFood.

How Pepper Lunch Assures Quality Ingredients and Flavour

To ensure the freshness and quality of imported beef, the meat undergoes certification from its country of origin and undergoes meticulous inspection in Singapore.

Food safety is also of utmost importance at Pepper Lunch Singapore. To ensure the proper handling and preparation of ingredients, the staff are well-trained by Japan’s leading hygiene experts to execute regular operating procedures as well as audit their sanitation. You’ll be amazed to know that the black peppercorns are ground fresh daily so you can always count on that peppery punch in every bite. Plus, the proprietary sauces are all made by Kunio Ichinose himself, and the signature margarine as well as all the other recipes are standardized.

Dining at any Pepper Lunch location gives a whole new meaning to Japanese comfort food and simple joys. It’s about appreciating delicious food that is prepared and cooked right when, where, and exactly how you like it. It is being happy about satisfying cravings while sticking to your budget. Plus, with a wide range of food, there’s an option for everyone’s taste, diet, and preferences. Pepper Lunch proves that you can “Sizzle it your way to happiness” when it comes to being served palatable food at reasonable prices. Simply Irresistible– Pepper Lunch brings joy to Singapore’s food scene and inspires a unique experience with food that is accessible, affordable, customizable, and always interesting.

The success of Pepper Lunch in delivering world-class food can truly be attributed to Kunio Ichinose’s idealism and knowledge of modern culinary techniques. Of course, it is achieved by working with trusted food factories and suppliers and employing competently skilled staff.

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