13 Jun 2023

From Classic Favourites to New Menu Items

The Pepper Lunch menu offers a delightful array of experiences for everyone, captivating senses with visually appealing presentations, enticing aromas of cooking food, sizzling sounds, and ultimately satisfying taste buds with hot and delicious dishes. Your hunger will be satisfied.

We're here to give you the rundown from classic favorites to new menu items that you'll find at Pepper Lunch restaurants on location and for delivery all over Singapore. You sure don't want to miss out on tantalizing flavours that come with every mouthful of steaks cooked your way and other Japanese classics.

Pepper Lunch invites you to a wholesome dining experience wherein you don't just get to bite into savoury goodness but also do your part in the cooking. Don't worry you're not expected to be pro chefs here, amateurs are very much welcome. All you'll really do is stir your food and mix in the craft sauce of your choice on the patented sizzling plates. That said, you can always bank on hot, tasty, and affordable dishes when you eat at Pepper Lunch.

When you hear Pepper Lunch it is common to think of steaks and their signature Pepper rice right away, but they definitely have more to offer. Kunio Ichinose, the founder began with the idea of making fast and tasty steaks more accessible and ultimately bringing people happiness through food. He sees the world as a white canvas which is why the Pepper Lunch logo is shaped like a palette to represent how he hopes to add more color to people’s lives as his restaurant expands to more locations. With that in mind, you’ll see how Pepper Lunch’s menu caters to every person’s taste, diet, preference, budget, and lifestyle.

So what can you expect at Pepper Lunch? As the name suggests, you can always look forward to the peppery punch of teppan-grilled dishes served fresh and hot daily. Plus, pepper lunch promos that’ll give you the most value for money.

A Glimpse of the Pepper Lunch Menu

Pepper Rice

Let’s start with the much coveted Pepper Rice Pepper Lunch is known for.

Beef Pepper Rice will never disappoint whether you order the original or jumbo portion.

You’ll be served with meticulously thin slices of U.S. beef delicately enveloping a mound of flavourful pepper rice, complemented by the addition of corn, signature margarine, and freshly ground pepper.

If you’re searching for other sources of protein, you can still indulge in pepper rice and pair them up with tender chunks of chicken, sashimi-grade salmon, or cuts of broccoli and mushroom.

Japanese Classics

Nothing beats a classic. Below are timeless dishes when you’re craving traditional Japanese. Pepper Lunch just made them more interesting by plating them on teppan with rice served in a separate bowl.

Teriyaki Chicken and Egg is a hot favourite when you want that sweet glaze on teppan-grilled chicken. You can also opt for the Teriyaki Salmon and Saba to have your fill of healthy Omega-3.

Salmon or Beef Sukiyaki is a sizzling twist to the classic Sukiyaki hotpot. Savoury, authentic sukiyaki sauce coats salmon steaks or marinated into thinly sliced beef coupled with fried tofu, mushrooms, and broccoli.

Premium Steaks

Pepper Lunch also has a variety of Premium Steaks that are mainly from Australia for those hungry for thicker slabs of steak that are just as tender and juicy. All options are well-marbled and come with rice and one (1) dipping sauce.

The GIANT is understandably intended for those who have big appetites, or at least enough to finish a 230-gram ribeye steak. If that’s a little too much for you, then you might find the Prime Tender 160-gram ribeye steak just right. On the other hand, if you’re really after that beefy flavour, then the 130-gram striploin Pepper Steak might be your best bet.

Pepper Lunch also has Diced Cut Steaks in 200-gram and 150-gram portions as well as the Beef Hamburg with Egg available for those who want something bite-sized and easier to chew.

Those who can’t quite choose among the three specialties will love the Deluxe and Combo offerings that let you get a bit of everything on one sizzling teppan plate. The Pepper Lunch menu also has some Cheesy Sizzling Rice meals for those looking for something rich and saucy, as well as Teppan Pasta for those craving for pasta.

Complete your order with the available sides, add-ons, drinks, and desserts. You might want to push your steak down with miso soup and pair it up with mashed potato, or have more veggies, cheese, or protein. Consider quenching your thirst with refreshing options such as juice, soda, hot green tea or iced tea, and indulge your sweet tooth with delectable choices like ice cream or a tempting seasonal dessert, after your hot meal.

What's new with Pepper Lunch GO!

Pepper Lunch GO! makes eating quick and filling meals hassle-free and mess-free with takeaway-friendly portions and packaging. All you’ll really have to do is chew your food or give the salad a few shakes to blend everything.

Keep in mind that all Pepper Lunch orders including Pepper Lunch Express and Pepper Lunch GO! can be ordered through Foodpanda, or GrabFood.

Pepper Lunch operates with Kunio Ichinose’s vision of making fast and tasty steaks more accessible to the general public. Pepper Lunch restaurants, Pepper Lunch Express outlets, and now Pepper Lunch GO! all make it a point to provide flavourful and filling meals available at reasonably affordable prices. Pepper Lunch is also halal-certified. Sizzle it your way and indulge in an exceptional Japanese comfort food experience as you dine with us, or savor the Simply Irresistible delicious flavours we have to offer!

Is Pepper Lunch and Pepper Kitchen the same?

If you have ever come across the “Pepper Kitchen” brand while exploring food courts, you may be wondering about its connection to the popular Pepper Lunch Express stores.

Let’s take a moment to shed some light on this intriguing relationship. Pepper Kitchen, in fact, happens to be the non-halal-certified sister brand of Pepper Lunch, which is managed by Hot Palette Singapore.

Hot Palette Singapore oversees a range of establishments, including the renowned Pepper Lunch restaurants, the convenient Pepper Lunch Express stores, the compact Pepper Lunch GO! kiosks, as well as the diverse Pepper Kitchen stores. In addition to these well-known brands, Hot Palette Singapore is also responsible for managing a selection of other remarkable restaurant concepts. With this vast portfolio of culinary ventures, we strive to cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every discerning palate!