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Prior to use of this website (hereinafter referred to as “Pepper Lunch Singapore Website”) belonging to SFBI (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SFBI”), please read carefully these terms and conditions and agree with them; otherwise, we ask that the customers (the users) refrain from using Pepper Lunch Singapore Website. If the customers have used Pepper Lunch Singapore Website, the customers are deemed to have agreed with all the terms and conditions stated herein.


The copyright for contents in Pepper Lunch Singapore Website belongs to SFBI; however, SFBI does not have copyright for the contents provided from third parties. Copying, reproducing and/or reprinting from Pepper Lunch Singapore Website is prohibited, except for non-profit personal use including downloading, saving data into a personal computer and print-out for personal use. Unless otherwise permitted by law, no one is allowed to use any content in Pepper Lunch Singapore Website without permission from SFBI or the owner/s of the copyright.


The trademarks and service marks appeared in Pepper Lunch Singapore Website solely belong to SFBI or the owner/s of the trademarks and service marks who authorise SFBI to use them. Therefore, no one is allowed to use those marks without permission from SFBI or the owner/s of the marks.


To make a link to Pepper Lunch Singapore Website, no permission is required. However SFBI reserves the right to cancel the link, depending on the contents of a website or how the link is made. The URL for the link should be 'www.pepperlunch.com.sg', stating clearly that it is Pepper Lunch Singapore's website.


SFBI replies to each email solely to individuals in response to their opinions and questions. SFBI has the copyright of all SFBI replies by e-mail, therefore the individuals and others cannot use them on other websites or printed matters without permission from SFBI. Neither partial nor all of the contents in mail from SFBI is available for use without permission from SFBI. SFBI may also reply by telephone calls or postal letters, depending on the questions. Please understand that it might take more time than the customers expect, depending on the questions. SFBI asks that the customers set up their email addresses properly in order to receive replies from SFBI, as SFBI occasionally faces difficulties in reaching the customers due to incorrect email addresses provided by the customers.


SFBI uses a technology called Cookies on Pepper Lunch Singapore Website, in order to make Pepper Lunch Singapore Website more useful. Cookies collect statistical data regarding the customers’ use of Pepper Lunch Singapore Website and allow SFBI to personalise the customers’ visits or provide other useful functions. Except for those purposes, Cookies are never related to personal information and cannot identify any individual customer, unless the customer requests for information saved in Cookies to help their input. If the customers change the settings of their browsers by themselves, receiving Cookies can be refused, or a warning message can be displayed when the customers receive Cookies. Please understand that, if a customer refuses Cookies, his/her use of Pepper Lunch Singapore Website will be partially limited.


Please read and understand SFBI’s Privacy Policy available at the privacy page. By sales transactions with SFBI, by communicating with SFBI through email, on telephone, in writing or via any of SFBI’s other services including Pepper Lunch Singapore Website or otherwise by providing personal data to us, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data described in SFBI’s Privacy Policy.


Once an order is placed, no cancellation nor modification is allowed. Pepper Lunch is not liable to provide a refund once an order is made and payment has been received.


SFBI is not responsible for (i) any mistake in Pepper Lunch Singapore Website; (ii) any trouble between a customer and a third party arising from or in connection with their use of Pepper Lunch Singapore Website; (iii) any trouble in software and/or hardware whatsoever arising from or in connection with the customers’ use of Pepper Lunch Singapore Website; and (iv) any other loss, damages, claims, proceedings, expenses and costs howsoever arising from or in connection with the customers’ use of Pepper Lunch Singapore Website. Any information and file names on Pepper Lunch Singapore Website might be changed without notice.


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