05 Jul 2023

From Sizzling Steaks to Customizable Bowls

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and wished you could make tweaks to their menu offerings? Well, you are welcome to do just that at a Pepper Lunch near you.

Pepper Lunch is not your typical restaurant wherein you just eat. It is a DIY casual dining concept where you can satisfy your craving for sizzling steaks and Japanese food, and take part in cooking them like a master chef. What’s more, you get a say in how your food tastes at no additional cost. You’re in store for customizable bowls and good food priced just right especially when you take advantage ofPepper Lunch promos.

Pepper Lunch is open for anyone who wants exciting and scrumptious meals they can enjoy with family, friends, or by themselves. Let us tell you about the Pepper Lunch experience in Singapore and why it is worth trying.

The Interactive Dining Experience

A restaurant becomes great when they’re able to create memorable experiences for its patrons. Pepper Lunch strives to do just that as soon as you enter the restaurant and get a whiff of food cooked to perfection.

As with any restaurant, you are seated at a table but it gets interesting as soon as you’re handed the Pepper Lunch menu and taught how to sizzle. First, you’ll understand why Pepper Lunch is home to tasty sizzling steaks and then you’ll see why they are exactly that and more.

Beef Pepper Rice is the signature dish of Pepper Lunch. Still, you can also indulge in their Premium Steaks, Curry Rice, Teppan Pasta, and Japanese Classics such as Sukiyaki or Teriyaki. Regardless of what you order, expect to sizzle, stir, and mix your food to unleash its tantalizing flavors. The chance to personalise your plate truly makes it feel like comfort food.

Pepper Lunch gives truth to the saying that “anyone can cook,” only this time,  all the ingredients you want are prepared for you and there is no need for burners. The patented teppan is already heated to the optimum grilling temperature of the meat so you’ll just have to fold everything in! Your food stays warm as you finish your food. Every mouthful tastes just as good as the first.

Hearing your food sizzle is an experience in itself, getting to decide what goes in it is thrilling, and tasting the maximum flavor of your dish while it’s hot is just heavenly. Those who ordered curry rice will have the extra satisfaction of seeing their cheese melt into their plates.

Dining at Pepper Lunch offers a unique experience wherein all your senses are involved – you’ll see, hear, smell, and taste your food as it touches your lips. This is where you get to eat and look forward to a fun activity that always ends up with a happy and full belly. Plus, you can consider it a bonus to eat this well on a budget.

The Customization Options at Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch has people coming back for their signature Beef Pepper Rice. How could you not when you’re served perfectly sliced U.S. Beef on a hot teppan along with pepper rice, crunchy corn, margarine, and your choice of either honey brown sauce or garlic soy sauce. And that’s not all, you always have the option to make it your own.

The customisation options at Pepper Lunch are endless. Besides having your pick of the in-house proprietary sauce, you can request for an upgrade to jumbo for more beef. Your Pepper Rice bowl can be made with chicken, salmon, broccoli, mushroom, or all of them combined. You can opt to compliment it with curry powder, garlic chips, teriyaki sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, corn, veggies, egg, chopped garlic, chopped onion, and/ or shiitake mushroom – as much as you like!

The same goes for your cheese curry rice bowls in terms of possible add-ons once you’ve chosen between Scallops & Prawn, Beef & Beef Hamburg, Scallop & Chicken, or Broccoli & Mushroom as your main sources of protein.

Pepper Lunch offers those who have their eyes on the Premium Steak options to have more than one protein on their sizzling plates with the Deluxe and Combo meals available. 

At Pepper Lunch, you are invited to experience food cooked your way and with your diet and preferences in mind. You can savour every bite knowing that all the ingredients on your sizzling teppan were prepared especially for you.

Quality and Fresh Ingredients

There is no doubt about the freshness of the ingredients at Pepper Lunch as you can immediately observe how pink the meat is and notice how crisp the vegetables are. When you take a bite, you’ll taste the peppery punch of freshly ground black peppercorns.

Pepper Lunch is committed to using high-quality ingredients by sourcing beef from reputable providers in the U.S. and Australia. Rest assured, beef is certified by their country of origin!

Pepper Lunch also works with trusted food factories to ensure that food safety and hygiene standards are strictly observed. As for the signature in-house condiments, you can trust that the sauces are specially concocted by the founder, Kunio Ichinose, and that the margarine blend is prepared daily.

This goes to show that flavorful and satisfying meals all begin with superior ingredients and the customer in mind. That’s what Pepper Lunch promises.

The Dining Atmosphere at Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is a restaurant that values its customers’ preferences, diet, lifestyle, and budget. Pepper Lunch goes beyond just having an inclusive menu; it fosters an inclusive dining atmosphere as well. At Pepper Lunch, everyone is encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the dining experience, where you get to sizzle your own food before indulging in its delicious flavours.

With each visit you make to any Pepper Lunch restaurant, you’ll notice that, while the location changes, the unwavering quality of the food and the welcoming atmosphere remain constant. The staff is always attentive and well-trained, ensuring your preferences are met from the kitchen to your table. They are always happy to present you with a plethora of options for personalising your sizzling plate.

The only difficulty you may have at Pepper Lunch is deciding what to order from their diverse menu, as everything sounds delicious. The good news is that you can always come back and try something new. Furthermore, if you’re in a hurry for some savoury food, you’ll be glad to know that you can get all of your favourite signature dishes from Pepper Lunch Express or Pepper Lunch Go.

Pepper Lunch sets itself apart from other restaurants by offering multiple customisation options that cater to everyone’s tastes. You can always bank on high-quality and fresh ingredients prepared on a sizzling teppan, as much as you can relish the experience of cooking and eating your food.

There is no room for dull moments at Pepper Lunch. Just good food, good vibes, and good fun with good company – Simply Irresistible!